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We The People,

demand a method of contributing to progressive politicians of our choice
without using fiat currency and helping the disease of big banks
by using their transfer of value. BERN was made by the people, for the people,
to empower the people to contribute to a political party or candidate
1) instantly 2) with low fees 3) while not feeding the evil empire
that is our present banking system that has enslaved
every man, women, and child for hundreds of years.

Please elect Bernie Sanders as the next president of these
great United States and make our future bright.

BERN - The People's Coin

BERN is a PoW/PoS hybrid. This means that coins are generated through both Proof of Work mining and Proof of Stake minting. Both PoW and PoS are processing BERN transactions and validating transactions. You are rewarding for doing so. You can PoW mine solo or with a group in a pool. A pool currently offering BERN PoW mining is Akia Pool and can be found here. Proof of Stake happens after you have held BERN in your wallet longer than 24 hours and up to 4 years. You are rewarded 10% annual with BERN. Think of it as earning interest on your BERN holdings.

 February 9th, 2016