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A recent BERN blockchain bootstrap at block 1605483 can be found here, should that be helpful. A less-recent snapshot is available also at block 1377139. A more recent snapshot will be provided asap.

For cold storage or tangible BERN paper wallets, just like bank notes…

BERN Paper Wallets

You will see on your paper wallet a public key and a private key. Use the public key to load BERN onto the paper wallet. The private key is secret and you should only share that when you intend to spend the BERN. When another BERN wallet imports the private key, they will ‘consume’ the entire balance of the paper wallet into their own wallet. Any further BERN sent to the paper wallet public key address would end up in the wallet that had imported the private key. For this reason, paper wallets should only be ‘spent’ once. Also, you do not collect the 10% APR on BERN held in paper wallets as staking (aka minting) is not possible by paper.

 February 9th, 2016